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A marble backdrop that has the Aromanthi healthy skincare bundle displayed. Products include 3-in-1 daytime moisturizer, facial wash, facial toner, and night facial oil that is EWG verified.

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  • All Products Are Handmade

  • Made in the USA

  • Woman Owned Business!

3 Key components

Our Values


As a brand Aromanthi follows total transparency with what’s in our products.  Each formula is made with simple 100% organic, natural ingredients to ensure you feel comfortable with what you’re using to take care of your mind, body, and soul. 

Ethics & Sustainability

The founder's professional background is in art therapy and aromatics, which involves extensive training in ethical standards. Safety & environmental consciousness is the backbone of this brand. All packaging is made with recyclable materials, no product is tested on animals, and each ingredient is plant based & chemical free.

Total-Body Health & Well-Being

Each product begins with a therapeutic intention to heal. Each intention is supported by the psycho-social method - taking unique aspects of your life into account. 

"Each formula is carefully crafted using active natural ingredients to rejuvenate our mind & body, following ancient Mediterranean elements."

⁠—Angelica Haviaras, CEO