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Origin: GREEK


AROMA (fragrant smell) \ ANTHI (blooming flower)


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Our Mission

Aromanthi's mission is to unlock your self-care practice with aromatherapy products & create a path to deeper self-awareness in the easiest way possible.

Each formula is carefully crafted using active natural ingredients to rejuvenate our mind & body, following ancient Mediterranean elements.

Our Philosophy

Aromanthi collections are self-care tools made from active Mediterranean inspired ingredients, healing intentions and the scientific support that aromatherapy is one of the best complementary therapies to utilize for our mental and physical needs.

Each product incorporates: The holistic method of integrating our 5 senses, the Greek philosophical concept of Filotimo, nature & holistic therapies.

What's Filotimo?

Filotimo is a value of personal honor and pride that pivots on empathy and compassion for others as expressed through acts of generosity.

“Filotimo to the Greek is like breathing,”

As the philosopher Thales of Miletus (624-546 BCE) expressed.

Key Features

- 100% Organic Ingredients

- Recyclable Packaging

- Cruelty-FREE

- Plant Based

- Holistically Formulated

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