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AROMA (fragrant smell) \ ANTHI (blooming flower)

  • The EWG Verified logo stating for your health and EWG.ORG

    EWG Verified

    Products like ours are extensively reviewed by a team of unbiased scientists and toxicologists to ensure they:

    - Are free from EWG's list of toxic ingredients of concern,

    - Fully disclose our ingredients,

    - Meet the most rigorous health and safety standards.

  • 100% Plant Based

    We believe that focusing on plant based ingredients provides the most holistic benefit for our customers.

  • Aromanthi Peta Approved Global Animal Test Policy Beauty Without Bunnies

    PETA Approved Cruelty Free

    Aromanthi respects all species and we love our furry friends! We are 100% Cruelty FREE!

  • Sustainable Packaging

    All materials used to store our products and our shipping material is made from glass, recycled plastic, or is a biodegradable material. Designed for you to reuse, upcycle, or recycle!

  • Naturally & Responsibly Sourced

    Every ingredient used is either USDA Organic Certified, or NON-GMO Organic. We do not exploit any person, environment, or overcultivation of a particular plant.

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