Aromanthi Clean Beauty and Wellness Shop. A natural self-care shop for aromatherapy. Essential oils used for natural therapeutic benefits.

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  • Aromanthi Peta Approved Global Animal Test Policy Beauty Without Bunnies

    PETA Approved Cruelty Free

    Aromanthi respects all species and we love our furry friends! We are 100% Cruelty FREE!

  • 100% Plant Based

    We believe that focusing on plant based ingredients provides the most holistic benefit for our customers.

  • Sustainable Packaging

    All materials used to store our products and our shipping material is made from glass, recycled plastic, or is a biodegradable material. Designed for you to reuse, upcycle, or recycle!

  • Naturally & Responsibly Sourced

    Every ingredient used is either USDA Organic Certified, or NON-GMO Organic. We do not exploit any person, environment, or overcultivation of a particular plant.

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Aromanthi is a greek american brand that is woman owned and operated in west palm beach florida. Shop unique skincare products like the mastic aka mastiha daytime moisturizer. Aromatherapy face moisturizer with zinc oxide.



AROMA (fragrant smell) \ ANTHI (blooming flower)