Angelica Haviaras - Aromanthí : All-Natural Beauty & Wellness Self-Care Products

My name is Angelica Haviaras and I’m the founder of Aromanthi. I'm an entrepreneur and certified aromatherapist. In addition I have a background trained in yoga and art therapy. My practice includes working with diverse populations of all ages.

I saw first hand while working at a pediatric hospital that implementing aromatherapy helped my patients and their families find comfort during their difficult hospitalizations; bridging communication, diminishing isolated feelings and self-caring for a brief, yet impactful period of time.

I realized that aromatherapy is one of the most underutilized, but valid healing methods that can realistically be applied to most people. Traditional therapies are not for everyone; however, cosmetic products are used by the majority of Americans. 

The Aromanthi line started with the creation of products for myself to treat common conditions such as cystic acne, chronic pain, anxiety, fear, and help my feelings of professional burnout. Now my products are being used throughout the US.

Between my professional and Mediterranean background I believe that Aromanthi's company culture will provide the positive impact to improve the quality of life for all diverse communities.