About The Founder

My name is Angelica

I'm a therapist by profession. I've studied aromatherapy & creative arts therapy, which shaped my passion to craft products that focus on the natural benefits of plant life.

I practiced clinical aromatherapy when I worked at a pediatric hospital. I was also simultaneously trying to manage my own feelings of burnout, both of which led to the development of the formulas you see within my line.

Aromatherapy became my tool for self-care.

From making room sprays in a hospital room to fulfilling customer orders, my experience working in the mental health field made me recognize the collective challenges we face. Such as stress, burn out, depression, unwanted acne, hair loss, low confidence, insomnia & anxiety.

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"I care about what I use on my body & have learned to prioritize personal product safety."

—Angelica Haviaras, CEO

  • Most companies don’t care enough about our health & well-being.

    The unsafe ingredients in everyday soaps & creams have complications varying from minor redness, to full on organ system problems we may not even realize until we suffer downstream illnesses.

    I invite you to learn more about the value of your personal well-being & the preventative care that natural ingredients can offer.

Our Commitment to You

Transparency • Ethics • Total Body Well Being

Aromanthi products guarantee for every item you purchase; we follow ethical & environmental standards.