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What is orange oil good for? 4 Ways to Use It

What is orange oil good for? 5 Ways to Use It

Sweet orange essential oil, also known as Citrus sinensis, commonly comes from Israel, USA, Spain and Italy and has been considered a delicacy for centuries. We get the essential oil by expressing the peel and zest of the orange fruit, and the color of the essential oil is a clear to light yellow.

Many people use sweet orange essential oil as a top note, and describe the aroma as uplifting, sweet, refreshing and joyful. Because its chemical compound is rich in monoterpene, some of the essential oil therapeutic benefits include:

  • being cleansing for the air,
  • stress relieving,
  • digestive,
  • calming on the nerves,
  • and encouraging more focus and attention.

Fun Fact: Research Study Results on Sweet Orange Oil

According to one study conducted in 2014 by Igarashi., et al. females, were more likely to feel happy when smelling sweet orange. 56% of these females were Latina, and they mainly described sweet orange as, "calming."

4 Ways to Use Sweet Orange Essential Oil

1. Cleaning with Orange Oil
Applying a few drops with equal parts of white vinegar and water can make for a surface cleaner/disinfecting spray.

You can also use sweet orange oil on wood- just replace the water with a carrier oil like olive or vegetable oil. Wipe on wood with a cloth and see how it shines bright!

2. Orange Oil on Skin
Sweet orange oil is packed with Vitamin C, so it can offer some skincare benefits. It can absorb into the skin, which means you can apply 1-2 drops mixed with almond, or grapeseed oil for a facial peel, or acne spot treatment. You can also put 6 drops or less in a bath for a relaxing and rejuvenating effect.

Note: It is very important to dilute orange oil. This will prevent any skin irritation.

3. Orange oil for termites
Sweet orange oil can kill termites on contact, so it can be good to spray around the exterior of homes, on the soil of your garden, and wipe on wood.

4. Diffuse Sweet Orange Oil
Using sweet orange oil in a diffuser will make an excellent room and air purifier. Orange is generally loved by all, so it's a wonderful way to set a relaxing and uplifting ambiance for home, or work.
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Sweet Orange Essential Oil Side Effects

Sweet orange essential oil can be irritating on the skin if it's not safely diluted. Monoterpenes should always be properly stored because it can go bad quickly. The typical shelf life of orange oil is 1-3 years. Storing it in a cool, dark place without exposure to oxygen will help extend the shelf life. You will know that orange oil has expired when it smells rancid and has a dark orange/brown color. This doesn't mean you should throw it out, just use it for cleaning purposes.

Is orange essential oil safe for dogs and children?

Sweet orange essential oil is generally safe for both dogs and children! However, I would not recommend directly applying to the skin of either. I always prefer diffusing the oil into the air while kids and pets are not in the room, letting it ventilate for a bit, and then allowing them back in.


Igarashi, M., Ikei, H., Song, C., & Miyazaki, Y. (2014). Effects of olfactory stimulation with rose and orange oil on prefrontal cortex activity. Complementary therapies in medicine, 22(6), 1027-1031.


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