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Creating a Company from Clinical Aromatherapy

A personal account from Aromanthí’s founder, Angelica Haviaras, as she shares her experience discovering the power of essential oils and how she witnessed the benefits of using oils in a clinical environment. Her creativity in making products helped shape Aromanthí Clean Beauty & Wellness. 

    A few years ago I worked at a children's hospital in Brooklyn, NY. My role as a creative arts therapist allowed me to explore various therapeutic outlets. It was during that time I began to discover the personal benefits of using essential oils. I was experiencing symptoms of burnout which resulted in fatigue, muscle aches, and poor sleep hygiene.  I’d also use oils for my skincare routine since I discovered most household products were laden with synthetic chemicals - extremely harmful to our bodies. Occasionally I’d enjoy a good diffuser session at home.  

    Bridging my new interest with work started by using lavender or mint in the diffuser I had at the office, then into the hospital playroom, where I typically saw patients. Both staff and patients/families would begin to make comments on how lovely it smelled in the room, how the space seemed cleaner and more calming. I caught a few nurses coming into the playroom just to take a deep breath as they passed through the hallway.

[ "The evidence I collected during that time was the validation I needed to strengthen this newfound tool." ] 

     From there I began centering my therapy directives around aromatics. The evidence I collected during that time was the validation I needed to strengthen this newfound tool.  Making a simple sugar scrub would help a patient self-care, take their mind off an illness, and feel grounded during their hospitalization. An aroma pillow or room spray made with my hand crafted essential oil blends would strengthen communication in families, helping with feelings of isolation patients typically experience. I recall making an aroma spray with a parent whose 6 month old was in the neonatal intensive care unit. She didn’t speak much English, but the aromatherapy was all we needed to make a connection and give her a moment of relief during a most stressful time. 

    As I furthered my education, using the proper training on essential oils gave me a creative freedom to develop formulas safely. I took a very clinical and conscious approach to determine the type of products I wanted to create. I focused on making blends that would help me overcome personal challenges, as well as challenges I commonly saw among the people in my work and home life. Pretty soon, the people turned into clients and customers.

    What was once a hobby eventually turned to Aromanthí Clean Beauty & Wellness! It has been quite an experience. Though entrepreneurship may leave you feeling vulnerable; it can also open a new door to serving others and helping them self-care. My products are being used all over the United States, and it’s the most rewarding feeling knowing that you’ve helped impact people’s life in a positive way. I’m excited to continue to shape my brand and see the type of relationship Aromanthí develops with its customers. You can view my aromatherapy products here.

This blog post was not intended to treat, prevent or cure any illness; and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice provided by a doctor/ licensed professional.
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