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Essential Oil Lavender Benefits

Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils and aromatherapy ingredients that people use every day.

Also known as, lavendula angustifolia or lavendula officinalis, this plant is commonly grown in France, Bulgaria, England and the USA.

The best way to describe its aroma is fresh, floral, sweet and herbaceous.

Key Therapeutic Benefits of Lavender

There are a multitude of natural benefits when using lavender. It includes helping with stomach upset, nausea and nervous stomach aches. Can be relaxing for muscle aches, arthritis pain, and joint stiffness. Lavender is extremely comforting for the mind; it is known to have a calming effect, be nurturing, useful for depressive symptoms, and disturbed sleep.

Lavender essential oil is amazing for natural skin scare! It helps reduce inflamed conditions like acne, or eczema, relieves sunburns and itching.

How Do We Use Lavender?

We typically use the purple flowering tops to distill for the essential oil, or dry to enjoy in tea, infuse in desserts, or simply display as decoration, or potpourri.

Is Lavender Essential Oil Safe for Everyone?

Lavender is considered generally safe for all to use. It's non-irritating, non-photosensitizing, and doesn't typically affect sensitive skin types.

There are some contradicting studies on the effects of lavender within a woman's first trimester of pregnancy, as it does help a woman get their monthly period.

I personally think if you've had fertility issues in the past, best to avoid until after your first trimester. However, it is quite lovely and supportive in your third trimester, and during labor when your body is experiencing uncomfortable and challenging sensations. Obviously, speak with your doctor to see if you should utilize lavender's therapeutic benefits.

Ingredient Blends For Essential Oil Lavender Benefits

My favorite ingredients to combine with lavender essential oil include lemon, peppermint, chamomile, or orange, but it is known to easily blend with any ingredient.

Fun Fact About Lavender

Research has shown that a combination of lavender, clary sage and rose may decrease menstrual cramps.

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