Sleep Aid Bundle


Healthy sleep is one of the most important factors for our well-being. This bundle is designed to bring subtle improvements in our sleep patterns. Use alone, or pair any of these methods with other natural sleep aids of your choosing.


Sleep Therapy Spray (2oz): An easy to use spray approach made with Natural Essential Oil Ingredients that can be used on face, body, fabrics, or pillow. Aromatic blend includes sedative notes of chamomile & lavender.

Sleep Essential Oil Blend (10ml): To encourage a deeper sleep and help alleviate the insomnia that may be triggered by daily living.

Sleep Nasal Inhaler: To ease your troubled sleep & encourage mindfulness via deep breathing (5 breaths per nostril). Made with chamomile and lavender essential oils this tool targets parts of the brain for specific intention/fast acting relief. 

Silk Sleep Mask: A comfortable silk mask with adjustable strap that can block out any light.


Therapy Spray: 

Always shake well. Apply 1-2 sprays on face, body, clothing, or pillow and breathe deeply before bed. 

Essential Oil Blend (10ml):

Apply 6-12 drops to your essential oil diffuser, or 1-2 drops with your favorite carrier oil.

Nasal Inhaler: 

Place inhaler near or carefully on the outer border of the nostril and take 3-5 deeps breaths in through the nose. Switch nostrils & repeat. Use as needed. 

Therapy Spray:

Lavender Essential Oil, Chamomile Essential Oil, Distilled Water.

 Essential Oil Blend (10ml):

Lavender Essential Oil, Chamomile Essential Oil
Nasal Inhaler: 
Lavender Essential Oil, Chamomile Essential Oil.



If irritation occurs, discontinue and contact a physician. Consult with your doctor if ingredients are safe for you and your medical condition(s). 

Products are made in a facility that handles nuts, seeds, dairy and wheat. All products are not intended to treat or cure a disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA.

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