Essential Oil Bundle


Essential oils are one of the greatest complementary therapies serving multiple benefits.

These concentrated formulas are blended to ease a variety of symptoms for everyday use.


Energize Essential Oil Blend (10ml): To bring a more awakened state of being and sense of energy to your everyday life. Can apply 6-10 drops of EO to your diffuser, or apply a drop or 2 with your favorite carrier oil. Aromatic blend is described as a joyful citrus.

Stress-Relief Essential Oil Blend (10ml): To compliment your day by bringing ease to stress symptoms/triggers. Can apply 6-12 drops of EO to your diffuser, or apply a drop or two with your favorite carrier oil. Aromatic blend is described as grounding, earthy with top notes of lavender.

Portable Essential Oil Diffuser: Used to diffuse your essential oils.  This diffuser can be used at home, work, or even your car. As long as you have a USB port you can enjoy by filling the diffuser with water and adding 6-10 drops of your favorite Essential Oil blend to gain maximum therapeutic benefits.

Diffuser contains a continuous steam and partial steam option along with lighting with different colors. Average diffusing time includes 3-3 1/2 hours.


Essential Oil Blends:

Apply 6-12 drops of essential to your diffuser. If applying to the body, add 1-2 drops with your favorite carrier oil.

Portable Essential Oil Diffuser:

Fill your diffuser cup with water. Add your essential oils in the water. Make sure your cotton wick is in the diffuser (otherwise it will not create any steam). Twist cap closed, plug your diffuser to a USB outlet and click the power button. Make sure to clean your diffuser between uses to prevent potential molding.


Energize Essential Oil Blend (10ml):

Sweet Orange, Tangerine, Bergamot.

Stress-Relief Essential Oil Blend (10ml): 

Lavender, Scots Pine, Patchouli, Clary Sage.


If irritation occurs, discontinue and contact a physician. Consult with your doctor if ingredients are safe for you and your medical condition(s). 

Products are made in a facility that handles nuts, seeds, dairy and wheat. All products are not intended to treat or cure a disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA.

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