Energize Essential Oil Blend 10ml

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Awaken the Mind!

Energize Essential Oil Blend 10ml | Aromanthí - All-Natural Beauty & Wellness Self-Care Products

Boost your energy & your mood with Aromanthi's Energize Essential Oil Blend.  Designed for therapeutic wellness, use this sweet citrus blend throughout the day when you need that little pick me up, some help paying attention, or if you're feeling the blues this blend's for you. 

Key Benefits
  • Simple Self-Care Technique
  • Targets the Central Nervous System
  • Lovely during the mornings
  • Great for all individuals
  • Made with 100% Recyclable Materials, Vegan Friendly & Cruelty FREE

Essential Oils: Sweet Orange, Tangerine, Bergamot


Apply 6-12 drops to your essential oil diffuser, or 1-2 drops with your favorite carrier oil.

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