Aromatherapy Facemask


Developing a sense of control & safety by wearing your mask.

Developing a sense of control & safety by wearing your mask.

Why Choose our Aromatherapy Mask?

Our Aroma Mask isn't just fashionable & supportive of small business owners & designers. By combining our Stress-Relief Spray you it can ease the constricting effects of wearing a mask as well as set a less stressful intention to your day. Other benefits include masking the smell of bad-breath & unpleasant aromas.

Aromatherapy Face Mask:

 Aromanthi’s Aroma Face Mask collaborated with handmade fashion designer, VARI for it's beautiful craft. It's sage color is selected and inspired by the Mediterranean. The comfortable Ponte-Knit fabric does not aggravate the skin, and additional Greek Evil-Eye gold, removable pendant can offer the spiritual protection we all need in challenging times. 

Our masks have adjustable ear straps for a perfect fit and slit for an optional filter. The Evil Eye pendant is removable and can be added to other clothing for continued protection. Material is machine washable (make sure to remove your evil eye before washing).

Stress-Relief Spray:

A natural spray designed to ground and create a more harmonious atmosphere. Recommended to use on face, body, or fabrics. Apply 1-2 sprays to the aroma face mask a few minutes before wearing to gain maximum benefits.

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