Energize Nasal Inhaler


Boost your energy & your mood with Aromanthi's Energize Nasal Inhaler. 

Energize Nasal Inhaler | Aromanthí - All-Natural Beauty & Wellness Self-Care Products

 Designed for therapeutic wellness, use a sweet citrus blend throughout the day when you need that little pick me up, some help paying attention, or if you're feeling the blues this inhaler's for you. 

A cotton wick dipped in essential oils allows you to enjoy the sensory benefits of aromatherapy.  Notes of Tangerine, Orange & Bergamot provide a unique twist to any typical citrus aromatics.

Natural Benefits
What are natural benefits of Orange Oil? Aromanthi Aromatherapy Essential Oil
Sweet Orange
Anxiety relieving & nourishing;
Expels sour feelings;
Nourishing to the spirit.
What are natural benefits of Bergamot Oil? Aromanthi Aromatherapy Essential Oil
Stimulating & brings a more joyful mood.
What are natural benefits of Tangerine Oil? Aromanthi Aromatherapy Essential Oil
Supports the immune system & increases low energy.
Holistic Intention
  • Simple Self-Care Technique
  • Fast Acting Relief From Nose to Brain
  • Targets the Central Nervous System
  • Easy to Carry & Travel Inhaler
  • Can use at home, work, anywhere at any time of day.
  • Great for both men & women.
  • Made with 100% Recyclable Materials, Vegan Friendly & Cruelty FREE!

Tangerine Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil. ORGANIC/Vegan.


Place inhaler near or carefully on the outer border of the nostril and take 3-5 deeps breaths in through the nose. Switch nostrils & repeat. Use as needed. Keep container closed when not in use. Speak with physician before using if Essential Oils are safe for you & your medical condition(s).

Products are made in a facility that handles nuts, seeds, dairy and wheat. All products are not intended to treat or cure a disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA.

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