Stress Relief Therapy Spray


Stress takes hold of our mind, body & soul. Use this Stress Relief Spray to help calm your nerves & get you through the most difficult challenges of the day.

Stress Relief Therapy Spray | Aromanthí - All-Natural Beauty & Wellness Self-Care Products

Made with Organic Essential Oils this blend offers grounding notes of Lavender & Patchouli along with other plant essence to soothe and calm down the brain during our most stressful and triggering times.

" I love the "Stress Relief" blend & use it whenever I'm feeling stressed.  The scent is extremely calming & if I just take a second to sit & breathe it in, I find that it really relaxes me! I would definitely recommend it to those who experience stress/anxiety frequently as a natural way to relax. Thank you!" - Gabby G. 

Key Benefits

Simple Self-Care Technique

Targets the Central Nervous System

Easy to Carry & Travel Spray Bottle

Gentle enough to spray on face, body, clothing, etc.

Can use at home, work, anywhere at any time of day.

Great for both men & women.

Made with 100% Recyclable Materials, Vegan Friendly & Cruelty FREE


Lavender Essential Oil, Scots Pine Essential Oil, Patchouli Essential Oil, Clary Sage Essential Oil, Distilled Water. Organic/Vegan.


Shake well. Apply 1-2 sprays on face, body, or clothing and breathe deeply during the day, or before bed.  Discontinue if irritation occurs. Consult with doctor before using if Essential Oils are safe for any medical conditions you may have.

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